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Welcome to PastWORDS!

A Voice from the Past

What are Past WORDS?

The Christian Heritage Archives and Museum, located at the former Christian Heritage Center in Staunton, VA, housed thousands of 15th through early 20th century works in its rare books archive. These books helped explain some of the reasons we believe as we do.

From these books we have created our line of Past WORDS, newsletters that contain interesting excerpts from the actual books. Why have we produced Past WORDS? Listen to Dr. A. Ken Curtis, president of Christian History Institute:

“Our contemporary society has forgotten where it came from and the indispensable role of the church in laying the foundations for Western civilization and establishing the institutions that have enriched our life and culture.

“It is no surprise that the secularist mentality conveniently ignores or maligns our Christian past. But what is beyond comprehension is how many Christian people have almost no sense of our heritage.”

Past WORDS are our way of sharing with you portions of the writings of these historical Christian authors.

We hope you enjoy reading Past WORDS, while at the same time learning a bit about our past.

The Defects of Preachers Reproved (a sermon by Solomon Stoddard preached at Northampton, Mass., in 1723)

A Faithful Narrative in the Surprising Work of God (a sermon by Jonathan Edwards preached at Northampton, Mass., in 1736)

A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield (a sermon by John Wesley preached in 1770)

More coming soon!


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